Active Campaign: For your Email Marketing Campaigns

Key Features of ActiveCampaign...

  • Subscription Forms. An essential way to get information and interaction from your customers! ActiveCampaign offers the option to sign up, get involved or join a membership through the use of subscription forms. A great tool if your business is offering a subscription of some kind. 
  • Segmentation Emails. This feature allows the customization of deals and selling based on an individuals preferences. Based on information gained from the subscription forms, packages can be tailored as per the customer’s requirement. This helps to engage people more than any general email would and builds a relationship with future and existing customers.
  • Split Testing. Allows you to compare and track emails to obtain email data. For example, you will be able to find out how frequently customers respond to emails or which action was taken. It also enables you to simultaneously test 5 emails at a time with a single click.
  • Dynamic Content. Helps you to change the mail content as per the contact so you can treat everyone like they need what you are selling. This is a sure way to make your contacts your clients and increase sales. 

Benefits for your Business ...

Incorporating this email marketing campaign software into your business can make your life soooo much easier when it comes to email campaigns. 

Some benefits include:

  • Useful for managing contacts and with an active customer relationship management tool, you can improve your customer care and lead to more sales.
  • It allows you to send proposals and notifications based on their interest.
  • Schedule replies and notifications with ease. 
  • Both the sellers and customers can have better interaction through the most convenient mode they are comfortable with, starting from SMS, Emails to even Facebook Notification, and Website Popups.

Why we recommend ActiveCampaign...

We have tried other email marketing tools, but none seem to bring the ease and convenience that this software does.  

This effective tool saves time, it super easy to use and definitely a must have when it comes to business emailing. 

We also recommend ActiveCampaign because of the price! Unlike other solutions, you don’t need to pay a heavy price to get the benefits. Staring from a fee of only 9$ per month, you can have real-time conversation with all your clients from anywhere, at anytime! There are upgrades available, so your package can grow with your email lists!

Active Campaign: Frequently asked questions

 What packages are available?

There are currently four ActiveCampaign packages available; Lite, Plus, Professional, Enterprise. The Lite package is currently $9 per month and allows access for up to 3 users. For a small business just starting out, the Lite package is more than sufficient and a great tool to use. 

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