Canva: Your Graphic Design Tool

Now everyone can tackle graphic design with the help of Canva. It’s really that easy!

Canva comes with as simple drag and drop interface application that offers more than one million pictures, fonts and graphics to choose from.

Graphic designing has never been SO easy! 

Instead of hiring designers for the work, this tool will help you do the job all by yourself. 

So, you can now create your own layouts, branding and design for your business whilst adding your own personal touch.

Check out the rest of this blog post where we explain in detail why we would recommend using Canva for your business. 

Uses of Canva...

Social Media and Canva:

We all spend most of our time on social media and it’s a great tool for business. 

Canva helps us to increase our following due to its selection of editing and creative tools. 

You will be able to build a more appealing profile with eye catching posts that really showcase your branding message across all social media platforms. 

Canva also has the sizing templates set for all the key social media platforms. It’s simply a case of picking your template, adding your content and posting to social. 

Increase your efficiency:

It can help you to create advertising brochures and templates in various printable formats. 

So, you can now make a handout or leaflet for your marketing with ease and affordability. 

It also helps take your presentation skills to the next level. You can create interactive slides to grab the attention of your audience faster and for longer.


Canva can help you enjoy your work and support your ideas through creativity and graphics. 

You can create customized invitation cards, visitor cards, cover pages for your book, product menu and much more without assistance from any professional. 

This means, you can publish your market ideas the way YOU want them to look.

Features Included ...

Some of it’s key features are:

Photo Editing:

Equipped with a wide range of photo editing techniques, Canva provides you with the tools to make your pictures perfect! 

You can crop, blur, add comments, speech bubbles, frames, stickers and much much more with Canva’s thousands of online templates.

Design Work:

It provides a complete solution to market your brand and business with the help of its easy to use, yet professional tools.

It will help you design:

·         Customized Templates and Logos

·         Business Graphics 

·        Eye catchy content for your website

·         Layouts and master sheets

·         Charts, Mind maps and diagrams

·         Short videos and clips

·         Brochures and Posters

With the huge inbuilt library of drag and drop tools, you can make your professional display just like a professional graphic designer would!

Collaborate your creation:

Whether you are creating your brand logo or editing pictures, you can share your work with Canva’s easy collaboration tool.  

You can simply share the design directly from the website or through your email with a click of a button!

Printable Format:

All that you design using this tool can be customized into a printable format. Different formats, different sizes, Canva has you covered!

Additional Extras:

And, there is much more that Canvas can offer you and your business. 

For example:

·         Customized templates and fonts

·         Upload your own photos and fonts and use them

·         Categorize different folders and documents

·         Resize and change background of your design

·         Business and invitation cards

·         Improve your website or blogs


Why we Recommend Canva...

Endless Possibilities:

Using this tool brings such a wide range of benefits for your business. You can not only create a better Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest account, but you can also add more features to your office skills and technical presentation.

Yes, it’s free:

Although the pro level Canva is paid, you can use the initial level for free. And, it offers all the features you need to get started. 

No professional Training needed:

The drag and drop features of Canva offer much ease of use to the user. There is no need for any training or professional level guidance.

Share in your Network:

Your creations, designs, logo or pictures can easily be shared within your network with a click of a button. The tool also offers you to share your work directly to social media.

Overall, Canva is a great tool to have for any business. It can drastically improve your business branding and change the face of your social media. 

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