Elementor Pro: Changing the Face of
Website Design

With Elementor Pro, you can take your web design and creativity to the next level. 

It’s super easy, user friendly and great for businesses who want to add more flare to their creativity.

It is not merely an advanced page builder, but a web design portal that allows you to express and demonstrate your branding message with some ready to use layouts and templates. 

It’s as simple as drag and drop when it comes to creating a landing page. Also, with Elementor Pro, you can literally visualize what your visitors are going to see when they visit the page.

Elementor Pro has changed the whole experience of web page building!

Let’s break it down…

How can Elementor Pro help your Business?

Elementor Pro is a drag-and-drop page builder that works alongside WordPress. It enables you to develop original and unique posts and pages for your website.

There are multiple interfaces for pages and posts, most of which are not available when building on WordPress alone.

The best thing about Elementor Pro is the fact you don’t require coding, CSS, HTML, or PHP skill, and you can do everything through a handy interface!

Elementor Pro works on the front end of the website and allows you to develop the content layout you want, irrespective of what the WordPress theme activated.

Features of Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro has multiple features available designed to make website design and building as easy as possible, but not compromising on quality and professionalism.

New Widgets

Elementor has classified its elements into four different groups, Basic, Pro, Theme, and WooCommerce.

With Elementor Pro, you can access more than 50 advanced elements from the three clusters.

This can make the page design functional and interactive. Before Elementor was introduced into the market, there was a separate code needed for many of these elements, or you have to install a separate plugin for using the features.

Customization of Theme

Theme builder is one of the most significant aspects of the pro version. The theme builder works on all WordPress themes. So, you can design anything you want!

You have the liberty to create everything from headers and footers, and also 404 pages. 

You can also create a template for determining the site layout of the blog post. By using Elementor Pro, you don’t have to stick to a specific theme. You can design the page just as you want it!

Add Custom CSS and Live Preview

If you normally add CSS in your design, that’s fine! You can continue with that. 

Even when you require some custom CCS for improving functionality, Elementor Pro will allow you to add it anywhere on the page. Also, you will be able to check your CCS using the live preview function.

Access to Full Template Library

With Elementor Pro, you will have more than 300 templates to choose from. These have been designed to cater to every industry or niche.

Just select one template that best describes your business and you’re ready to go!

Merge with WooCommerce 

There are six WooCommerce widgets, five of which are available with the Pro version.

This includes the WooCommerce products widget, price table widget, WooCommerce add to cart widget, plus many more.

Better Layout Creation

The website design has the power to make or break your business.

While designing, you need to make sure that the site is interactive and also user-friendly

Hence, if you have been able to create a good layout, your site will highly likely work well for you. 


Who can use Elementor Pro?

Simple answer … EVERYONE!

Elementor Pro can be the perfect DIY solution for those who would like to create amazing page designs without any help from the professionals lack any coding skills.

If you feel limited by the block editor of WordPress, this software is for you.

If you are struggling to place your content where you want to, you need to make columns and then align it in a specific manner. This become and easy practice with Elementor Pro.

In simple words, Elementor is for people who would like to design beautiful web pages without even being a professional web designer.

Why we Recommend Elementor Pro?

The exceptional range of features provided by Elementor Pro sets it apart from its competitors. 

It enables you to develop custom page designs and layout, which might not be available in your current theme.

If you need a superb drag-and-drop web page builder, Elementor should be your go-to tool for web design. 

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