Do You Have Paid Ads on Facebook?

Having a Facebook account isn’t solely about generating traffic to your online website. Did you know you have the ability to monetize your social media account? This means you have the ability to make money off of your social media accounts with little to no effort. Whether this is a large or small amount, it is still more than it cost you to create the account in the first place! Win Win. 


So how can you begin to monetize your Facebook account? 

Today we are specifically going to talk about paid ads. Paid ads is one of the easiest, and stress free ways to begin monetizing any online account. Paid ads are essentially the ad banners that pop up on your computer, which you get a commission on whenever someone clicks on an ad. So what are some reasons you should put paid ads on your Facebook account?

Targets your ideal customer.

Have you ever wondered how you leave a shopping website, then see an ad for that website in another Internet search? This is targeting. When you put ads on your Facebook, it allows you to target the types of customers who view your posts the most. 

Testing different customer demographics helps find your best converting audience.

Keeping up with the demographics of your ad campaigns may sound difficult, but it is necessary information you should keep up with. Understanding what demographic tends to click on ads the most, etc., allows you to determine how to target your audience to convert viewers into clientele. 

Targeting certain parts of the country with certain ad campaigns.

Along with knowing the demographics, comes know what is more likely to appeal to whom. Knowing what types of products appeal to your customers is important. You want to be able to target your audience with their ideal product. Your demographics are important with this. So is knowing what is more acceptable in the different areas in which you are targeting. 

While there isn’t a lot of back breaking work involved in placing the ads online, you still want to be as strategic as possible. This may require a little bit of research, and going over data periodically to see where your account stands as far as optimizing monetization. Even if you have ads on your account now, just having them there isn’t enough if no one is clicking on them. You want to allow all of your free resources to work for you at their maximum potential. If this means doing a little research, so be it. 

Do you have a hard time mastering technology? Do you feel a little lost by the concept and need someone to walk you through step-by-step? Great news…This is exactly what we do! This video0based Facebook block is a screen share tutorial-based walk through that shows you exactly how to set up your page and your group. Check it out to start making the most of your account! 

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