How Often to Post on Facebook?

A common question I am asked is “How often should I post on my social media accounts?” Social media, as we have discussed here recently, is a great method to help increase traffic to your website. These free platforms require minimum investment, but have the potential for a great return. 


Knowing how often to post on social networking sites, such as Facebook, can be key in getting client engagement. This is what you want to achieve. When people can clearly see you and your products and services advertised through their social media, they may be more prompt in heading over to your personal site. Even if they aren’t, you may be able to advertise your services through links on your social media that is more convenient for them. 

So how often should you post? This is a loaded question. Here isn’t really a set number of times to post, however knowing when and what to post can be key.

Know when your followers are online.

No matter what way you communicate with your clients or customers, there are some methods that are just going to be more intimate than others. For instance Facebook will be more intimate than say your weekly emails. Having a Facebook group will be even more intimate than your typical Facebook encounters. It’s a smaller environment, which promotes a deeper level of connection between you and clients. 

Post at the two peak points in the day. (Get clients engaged, then post again.)

This strategy has really helped me. Of course, as in the previous tip, knowing when your customers are online helps to contribute when your peak times are going to be. Posting during these peak times allows for you to have better engagement, and a higher likelihood that your clients will check out any posts that follow their initial engagement. 

Ensure one of every four posts is about your business.

You don’t want to overwhelm your customers with business promotions. This may come off as too aggressive. Instead, you want to take a more personal, less aggressive approach. Posting random content concerning things unrelated to your business, like about yourself, then adding in a few business promotions here and there allows clients to feel less pressure. This also allows them to feel like they actually know you, thus being more likely to purchase or support your products. 

No matter how often you want to post, take these tips in to consideration. If you aren’t finding you have enough engagement with your audience, determine if they are missing your posts or they are just a bit too aggressive. 

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