Setting up Facebook Pixel

In a previous post, I discussed the importance of paying attention to demographic data. Why was this important? Because this data can be useful in determining how to target your clients and Facebook viewers with paid ads. 

Now I know, the thought of keeping up with data and analytics can be daunting. Luckily for you, however, Facebook has a tool to help you with this! (Another tool or resource that will benefit you, without costing you thousands of dollars or numerous professionals.) This resource is called a Facebook Pixel.


A Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool which can be coded and added to your Facebook page. The code keeps track of site visitors. The data will allow you to retarget your clients with ads that are more beneficial to them. 

Easy right? So what do you need to do? 

Create your ad account.

As always, you want to first by creating an account. Now this account is for the ads you will place on your page. You need an account in order to place the ads on your page and start getting paid for them. Google AdSense is the most popular ad site which allows you to do this. 

Create your pixel.

Once you have successfully placed ads on your page, you want to go to the Ad Manager in your Facebook account and create your pixel. Once on the Pixel page, you simply follow the instructions given in order to generate your pixel. 

Link it to your website.

Almost done! Now that you have generated your pixel code, you want to link the pixel to your Facebook page. Once this is done, your pixel can start collecting analytics and data for you to take a look at. 

This all sounds pretty easy right? That’s because it is! There are so many resources available online now that are user friendly. Instead of hiring a professional, or taking courses in statistics just to try to get a handle on your target audience, resources like Pixel are available to do all the work for you. All you have to do at this point is take a look at the data on a regular basis. This will help you to better understand what is happening, who is viewing your page, and what adjustments may be the most beneficial to you. 

While the thought of this is pretty simple, I understand there are some of us who just aren’t very tech savvy to begin with. If this is the case and you need some assistance setting up your Facebook page or your Pixel, email me at and I will gladly lend you a hand! 

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