Why Do You Need A Facebook Group?

So you found out from a recent post that a Facebook account can be a great tool and resources for your online business. Now what? 

Having a Facebook account simply isn’t enough. There are a number of different resources and things you can do within the account itself to help generate traffic, customers, and loyal followers or fans of your product and services. 


One of these resources is having a Facebook group. Facebook groups are just that, groups that are on Facebook. They can either be public or private and are essentially a smaller knit way to communicate with fans without everyone who isn’t in the group chiming in. So how can a Facebook group be beneficial to you and your online business?

Allows you to connect on a deeper level with clients.

No matter what way you communicate with your clients or customers, there are some methods that are just going to be more intimate than others. For instance Facebook will be more intimate than say your weekly emails. Having a Facebook group will be even more intimate than your typical Facebook encounters. It’s a smaller environment, which promotes a deeper level of connection between you and clients. 

Gives notifications when you post or go live.

Another benefit to having groups is that those in the group can get notifications when you make a post or when you go live on your account. This notification can be key when getting out new information or content that you want your viewers to be able to see and interact with right away. 

Another communication method for clients to see new content.

You want to use any method available in order to get information to your clients. Having a Facebook group is another way to do this. While they may be followers or friends of your Facebook, your posts could get lost in their feed of other friends. In a group, it is less likely to get missed among the group members. 

As I stated in my previous post, Facebook is a free platform that should be utilized to its fullest extent and potential. This can yield maximum results for your company when done properly. You want to use every available resource within the context of the account in order to ensure you are creating as much traffic as possible. This, in turn, will increase your potential for monetization not only on your own site, but even from your social media account as well. 

Do you have a hard time mastering technology? Do you feel a little lost by the concept and need someone to walk you through step-by-step? Great news…This is exactly what we do! This video0based Facebook block is a screen share tutorial-based walk through that shows you exactly how to set up your page and your group. Check it out to start making the most of your account! 

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