Why Do You Need A Facebook Page?

Social media is a pretty large concept in today’s society. Wherever you look there is talk of something that may be social media related. Facebook is one of the largest social media networking sites that is in use right now. With millions of individual accounts, Facebook is one of the easiest platforms to use to your own benefit. 


This platform is huge, and FREE! As I just stated, there are millions of accounts on Facebook. Even better, there are no startup costs or monthly fees required to have an account. With the opportunity to reach so many people with your business for no financial cost, this should be very intriguing. Unlike your own website (which probably required the purchase of a domain and a significant time sacrifice to get gain a following), Facebook is a platform that costs nothing financially, and requires little to no large time sacrifices. 

These two things alone should be reason for you to give it a try if you haven’t already. There is little to no investment required, meaning there wouldn’t be much lost if for some reason Facebook does not benefit you and your business. 

1st- Connections.

Some of the most loyal people you will ever come in contact with are individuals you won’t even know in real life. That’s right. Your Internet connections are going to be some of the most important connections you have considering your business online. The platform on Facebook allows you to connect with and market to people you may never meet in real life, thus meaning you probably would never be able to connect with them without that social media account. 

2nd- Using friends and family to expand exposure

When starting a Facebook account, the first people who will be on your friends list are people you probably already know in real life. This circle of family and friends will quickly become your advertisers and guess what? YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY THEM!  People you already know are more likely to support you. All it takes on Facebook is for a few of your friends or family members to share something you have posted. This then reaches a mass number of people who you probably didn’t even know. This then creates the affect of those individuals wanting to be a part of your online presence. There you have it, online exposure and traffic that requires minimal time and effort, and no financial sacrifice.

Overall, Facebook is too great of an opportunity for you not to consider using it to increase traffic to your online store or blog, or share products and services on. 

Are you technically challenged? Need someone to walk you through step-by-step? Does social media cause you to feel lost? Great news…. that is exactly what we do! This video-based Facebook block is a screen share tutorial based walk through showing you exactly how to set up your page and group and begin using them!

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