How can I create a course?

Can I pick your brain?

How many times have you been asked those 5 simple words? More times than you can count? I think you might be ready to set up a course! 

As new opportunities arise in business I have always been one to say “Yes” even if I didn’t know how to do the thing. I have found that if you listen to His voice and those nudges that He gives you to move to the next step in your life and your business. It is so very important to just say yes even before you are fully comfortable with it. 

Platform #1

My all time favorite platform for course delivery is Kajabi. It is SUPER user friendly for both you and your customers! It is an all in one platform that will allow you to condense all of your tech stack down to one platform. You can build your landing page, checkout, and email marketing all in one! It has a drag and drop feature for setting up your landing pages and it also has several themes you can choose from for how you deliver your content. 

Platform #2

Thinkific is also a great platform. It will allow you to have your landing page and checkout integrated into one. It has several direct integrations that makes it simple for you to connect with your other platforms such as your email marketing system. Just like Kajabi it has a drag and drop builder but unlike Kajabi it doesn’t have a ton of customization on the actual course presentation itself. 

Platform #3

My last suggestion is a WordPress build with a membership plugin attached to it, you can use either Wishlist Member or LearnDash. Both are great options for setting up a course on your website. One of the benefits of using WordPress is that the monthly cost is going to be smaller but you will need quite a bit of technical knowledge to get it set up and maintained and kept up for your customer to use. 

You have all that knowledge in your brain and it would be a game changer for your business. Setting up a course isn’t as hard or intimidating as you may think. Using platforms like Kajabi or Thinkific allows you to deliver your content to your customer in an easy to use way allows you to take your business to the next level. 

Are you ready to have something to offer those that ask “Can I pick your brain?” and make a little money in your pocket too? Lets get your course set up and ready for you to put it out into the world! Let’s set up a time to chat!