How can I create those beautiful graphics?

yes girl...

How do they always have such pretty graphics? How do they afford to make so many? 



I can remember when I first started in the online space, I would see all of these beautiful graphics that others created and I would think to myself that I could never create something like that. It was just so intimidating to know that I’m not a graphic designer trained in this but then I found a program that would allow me to make graphics with a template, it also allowed me to resize the graphics quickly for all of the different platforms! I thought I had hit the jackpot, it did have some limitations but it was fairly easy and pretty cheap. 

 These graphics were nothing to call home about but they were on brand and gave me the confidence I needed! As time went on Canva came to the scene, they had a few features but nothing like what is offered now, as time went on they added more and more features making it easier and easier for business owners to create beautiful graphics without having to hire a professional graphic designer! It was a life changer for me. 

Step #1

Upgrade your canva account. Look I know you don’t want to spend more money but this upgrade is going to help you become more efficient in your social media content creation. You can sorta do this with the free account but you will not have the ability to put in your logos and will only be able to add up to three colors to your brand kit. 

Step #2

Add in your colors, fonts and your logos into your brand kit on Canva. This will allow you to have access to your brand kits in one simple area when you are creating your graphics. Canva has loads of templates that you can use for your graphics. With your new pro account you will have access to stock photos and a ton of elements to use in your graphics.

Step #3

Start creating branded graphics to help create that consistent look and feel you have been looking for in your brand.  You will be shocked just how simple it is to create custom branded graphics that are perfect for you and your business. Having easy to create graphics for your online business is going to elevate your brand to the next level and make it easier for people to recognize your feed.

Let’s summarize this up… We are going to upgrade our Canva account, add in our colors, logos and fonts. Then we are going to make some amazing graphics with your branding! 

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