How should I organize my content?

Oh the joys...

of creating content for social media. So many ideas, so many possibilities, so many options.

I have always had these bursts of creativity but if I don’t act on them immediately they are gone. Poof. Just like that. Then it comes time for me to actually produce some content for the week and my tank is empty, the stress of trying to write something to put out into the world on a time crunch doesn’t help matters any. Once I finally found a way to organize myself and my content in a way that I knew what I needed to produce and how to plan it made my burst of creativity much more productive because I could store my thoughts and ideas in a way that I could use them for their fullest potential. 

Step #1

Create a content schedule with topics & subtopics. Sit down and think about 13 topics that are key pain points for your audience. Keep them broad because we are going to narrow them down and get specific with the subtopics. We are going to come up with 4 subtopics for each of the 13 topics. 

Also you need to decide which and what types of content you want to produce on a weekly basis. What do I mean by this, in order to truly get organized with your content you have to know what types of posts you are looking to create, whether it be a product share, a blog post share, a testimonial, etc. 

Think about what type of content you want to post each day and get a schedule for that. Write it out on a piece of paper or use a whiteboard so you can move things around to get a consistent schedule that makes you happy. You will also need to take into consideration which platforms you want to post that type of content on. 

For example on Monday I post a “Origin Story” on Facebook and a “Personal/Family” Story on Instagram. Getting crystal clear on what type of content you want to produce on a weekly basis will help you to organize yourself in a way that will allow you to have more freedom in your business. 

You will then plan out your year rotating around your topics/subtopics in a random order. Long story short on why would be because you want to give your audience answers but you want to give it to them in an unorganized way so they will invest in you and your business for the easy path. I will get more into this in another blog. 

Step #2

Create a Google Drive folder system for your content schedule. I start with a top folder called “Social Content”, then inside that folder I have a folder for each of my topics. Once I drill down into each of those topic folders, I break down my subtopics into their own folder. 

I know this sounds like a lot of folders but hear me out. Having your content organized will 1) allow you to produce it more efficiently and 2) allow you to find it when you are looking for it. 

Inside each of the folders for your subtopics I have one Google Sheet with each of the pieces of content that I’m planning to post for the week. I also have any videos I create for the content for the week in both the raw form and the edited video so I have them all in one place for future reference. 

Step #3

Plan and get ahead on your content production. This will keep you from trying to produce the week of and feeling overwhelmed with sharing your knowledge with your audience. Since you will have both your topic for the week and what type of content you need to produce you will be able to get ahead on your content production which will allow you to…guess what… BREATHE. You will not be in this constant hamster wheel of creating new content just to make it through the day, you can finally work ahead because you will have a plan. An organized plan. 

So lets recap we need to get a schedule with your topics and subtopics and get those scheduled out for the next 52 weeks. WHAT?!? A year?!? You will have your content planned out for the next year and it will be pain points that your audience actually needs answers too. Next we are going to head over to our trustly Google Drive and set up our folder system to organize your written and video content. Lastly we are going to work ahead so you reduce the chance of overwhelm. Yes I said work ahead. Take a deep breath and know you will have it all under control because we are going to stay organized through the process.  Make sure to grab my FREE Social Content Plan Checklist HERE! 

If the thought of the organization overwhelms you, let’s chat! I would love to see if I could help you get a solid system so you can get back to enjoying the content creation process and not dreading thinking about what you are going to post about or create this week.