RecurPost: Automate your Social Media

Does posting on social media take up a lot of your time? 

Well, check this out…

We would recommend one of the best social media automation tools out there… RecurPost. 

With this tool, you will be able to automate your Facebook and Twitter posts with ease! A great time saving software that we use at Creative Business Builders and recommend to all our members as well! 

This really is a game changer when it come to automating social media posts. 

If you are looking for other social media automation tools, check out our other blog about Tailwind. Another great tool to automate your Instagram and Pinterest accounts. 

Why we recommend RecurPost...

We have tried other social media automation tools, but none seem to bring the ease and convenience that RecurPost does. 

It offers a social media schedule where you can allocate specific times for your posts to go live. Sounds awesome, right? Well it gets better! There is also an option to allow the tool to post at the best time for your account. 

It’s as simple as adding content to a library and this awesome software does the rest! 

The tool works its way through your content library and posts it to your Facebook and Twitter automatically. 

This effective tool saves time, it super easy to use and definitely a must have when it comes to social media automation tools. It also offers a chance to recycle old content and use it in different formats. 

Benefits of RecurPost for your Business

Benefits of using Tailwind:

  • Saves time posting on social media.
  • Creates a social media posting schedule.
  • Can host multiple Facebook pages, groups and Twitter pages. 
  • Increases the chance of engagement on social media
  • Recycles old and new content
  • It’s Free!

RecurPost: Frequently asked questions

 How many accounts do you need?

You only need one account to handle multiple Facebook pages, groups and Twitter pages. 

It is also super easy to choose which page you want to post content too. Moreover, RecurPost can post content simultaneously to multiple accounts, or at set times, depending on your requirements.

How much does RecurPost cost?

You can start for with this automation tool for free!! If you decide to go for the paid option, it is around $15 per month. 

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