Wishlist Member, Kajabi, and Teachable: Which One to Choose?

Does your business have a membership option? Or alternatively, are you thinking about taking your business to the next level and introducing one?

Finding a membership platform that can support the growth of your business can sometimes be difficult. 

New platforms are being introduced all the time with some exceptional features. But how do you choose the right one?

The three platforms we are going to discuss in this article are: Wishlist Member, Kajabi and Teachable.

We feel these are the three ‘heavyweight platforms’ to consider when it comes to online membership. 

Let’s break it down …

Wishlist Member

Wishlist Member is an easy to use membership software helping business to transform their WordPress site to a complete membership site.

All you have to do is install it as a membership plugin and within a few minutes, you are going to have a fully functional membership site.

With Wishlist Member, you can develop a site which provides you with a secure membership area and also the ability to develop different levels of membership along with targeted access to each one of them.

Features and Benefits

When you have Wishlist Member, you will be able to protect the membership content without any hassle. Just choose your content as you do in WordPress and click on ‘Protect’. Thereafter, choose which one of the membership levels you want and get access.

The platform can integrate easily with all payment providers. Hence, accepting recurring or one-time payment can happen just with the snap of a finger.

The platform allows you to access membership level, access details, and even the registration status of the members.

You can seamlessly integrate the shopping cart system into the WooCommerce platform.

You can ask non-members to become a part of the site just by putting up an attractive title for the post and an impressive opening paragraph before you can ask them to check out the whole thing.

In short, running a Membership Website with Wishlist Member and WordPress offers several opportunities and features which you can explore for extending your business reach.


This content marketing program offers small and medium scale businesses a centralized and single system that they can use to market, deliver, and sell product content. 

It includes a customizable theme, landing page building, video hosting, and integrated payments. 

Kajabi provides users with a user-friendly solution when it comes to content marketing.

Features and Benefits

  • It is an excellent tool for developing sales funnels and landing pages. With this, you can easily transform site visitors into customers. Using Kajabi, you can handle your email-marketing which includes automated follow-up sequences. Thus, you do not need a third-party platform. It is one of the best online course programs. It has all the tools under one roof.
  • There are various alternatives when it comes to the core site theme which appears modern and profession. You will find functional templates that will help you to create the landing pages. Kajabi has pre-designed themes that come in really handy when you are developing the site. The layout presets has a contemporary and sleek design which appears great on the website.
  • Even though it might not be at par with WordPress, Kajabi’s blogging capabilities are much better than a wide range of platforms of online courses.
  • The platform is integrated to stream and upload videos. Therefore, you know that all your videos are going to deliver no matter the bandwidth or screen a customer is using.
  • With this, it is easy to create and also promote live events. Usually, it goes hand in hand with product development but Kajabi is quite robust in this area. You can create a pipeline around Kajabi that has the registration page, post-event offer page, e-mails, and also checkout page. On this platform, you will get templates for these.

The best thing about Kajabi is you will get everything under one roof.


When you use Teachable, you can personalize and package your content just like an interesting online course. 

This content management system allows you to create, publish, and then sell online content. This means, if you have content like ebooks or video training, you can just package them as digital products and sell with the help of the platform.

Features and Benefits

  • The platform offers group lessons under different categories for making the product manageable enough. Thus, the training videos are going to look like an actual course with a proper syllabus. However, you cannot create subcategories in this platform.
  • It uses Wistia as the backend for handling everything. Hence, you can be sure that the users are going to watch seamless videos on any device they want. There are unlimited video hosting opportunities for online courses as well.
  • When you are developing online courses, you would want it to look good. The better it looks, the higher is the value. The last thing that you would like is to develop great content only to host it on a site which makes it look like it had been created in the 90s. Hence, you can take the help of Teachable product themes to create an attractive logo and background, typography, and colors. With these, you will be able to customize the course to match with the branding.

Which one to Choose?

So, now you have all the benefits and features of Wishlist Member, Kajabi and Teachable. 

Are you still wondering, “which one should I choose for my business?”

Depending on what you business is and what you are offering, each of the platforms will work in a different way. 

If you want a software tool for building and delivering the online courses, Teachable and Wishlist Member works great. If you want success online, you should have a website, marketing tools, email list, and automation tools. 

Teachable has limited functionality. Thus, it can serve as an online hub rather than having everything under one roof. 

In case you want something that performs more than just delivering the product and want something all in one place and don’t want to duct-tape together various tools, you should choose Kajabi.

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